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James Altucher interviews Derek Sivers

James had a great guest on his podcast today, Derek Sivers. His backstory is that he wanted to sell some of his records online at a time when it wasn’t possible to do that, sometime in the late 90’s and so he learnt programming and built his own site. He then took on some friends who wanted to sell their records through his site, and then friends of friends asked and before he knew it, he had a business called CD Baby, which he eventually sold. He has some sage advice: “Bluntly put, you shouldn’t start a business unless people are asking you to.”. It’s a longer podcast than normal (about 1hr 24m) but well worth it – he’s got so much good advice and he and James are clearly having a great time.

Some resources and links:

Listen to the podcast on James’ site (no iTunes required, listen through your browser)
Derek’s site, and don’t miss the selection of books he’s provided summaries of.
Derek’s book is on Amazon:Anything you want: 40 lessons for a new type of entrepreneur (I’ve got the 1hr 31 minute audiobook and have listened to it over a dozen times – it’s exceptionally good). There’s a lot of good advice in there for people who took part in the Enterprise Shed MOOC a few weeks back.

Derek also did an amazing podcast (31m) with Tim Ferriss on the definition of success, unpopular beliefs and more – I must have listened to this at least a dozen times, and now I find that Derek has very kindly provided a transcript at his site…